Pushkar Camel Fair, 2011 – My next destination

In about couple of hours I would be taking a bus to Pushkar for the camel Fair. I have heard about this festival since childhood and have never dared to visit it because I always thought it would be too crowded for my taste. But I guess I would take my chances this year, since I have broken the inhibitions to a large extent by my first SWBT trip.

When my family heard about my plan to visit Pushkar one of my uncles told me its a very unsafe place for women, that all the rapes and murders and drugs happen no where else but in Pushkar. He said I shouldn’t stay the night at Pushkar and should come back to Ajmer since buses ply all night between the two places. He went on and on telling me how difficult it is for a single woman to go to pushkar.

All the while he was talking I was thinking in my mind, “well let me find out myself, how bad is it.”

Social networks helps in connecting with fellow travellers at such times. On twitter I already found out a few people in Pushkar and I plan to catch up with them once I am there.

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So there, am about to leave. I have no plan, no packing. I’ll figure out everything on the spot. I realize its the weekend and then there is a holiday on Monday so almost every other person would end up in Pushkar making it even more crowded. I may have a hard time looking for a hotel and rates would be sky rocketing.

My plan is if nothing else, I would sleep the night on a temple floor or the bus stop. But I must go because otherwise I would regret.

Signing off for now.


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