Pushkar Camel Fair 2011

I came back from an excellent trip to Pushkar. Although an event of this magnitude is not the most ideal place for a single woman to travel alone. The night I lost my way while going back to the hotel, I was pretty scared for valid reasons and glances. But if one is smart and tactful one can do it. A detailed blog post is coming soon. Below is a summary of the Twitter and Facebook updates I sent during the trip.

  • I have finally started for SWBT trip to Pushkar. There’s a little bit of love in the morning air.
  • And it’s a traffic jam on Delhi Jaipur highway this early in the morning. For some reason road is filled with water.
  • When you travel you have short destinations and easily attainable goals. Right now I don’t care where my life’s going as long as the bus goes to Jaipur.
  • Reached Jaipur. Now in a bus to Ajmer. Paid public toilet at Jaipur bus adda was horrible, Tanakpur was very clean.
  • Reached Pushkar.  Feeling lost, looking for hotels. Ashrams are full. Dharmshala won’t give room to single woman.
  • ‘Ok Palace Hotel’ that’s where I am staying. A 7 year old girl & her 2 year old brother showed me my room, there grandparents run this place which apparently is an 800 year old temple. My room is a 8×4 space on the huge terrace. Moonlight has already begun to fall on it and bunch of langurs are hopping around. Bathroom and toilet is shared. All this at 300 in this peak season I have no reasons to complaint. Hello Pushkar :)
  • I am near the mela ground, who else is around?
  • Lots of cops here all over Pushkar, many lady cops. Cultural program going on at mela ground.
  • Shri Jumme Khan Mewati now presenting saamlaat, a performance of folk songs and instrument Bhapang about land struggle, Pushkar mela ground.
  • Took long time to find my way back to hotel, got scared a bit cops weren’t of help, crowd here is rude.
  • No power point in my room to charge cell so it switching it off. @reply or DM on twitter is the best way to reach me
  • I guess Pushkar typically makes u feel lonely if u r alone. desperately wanna catch up with some of the tweeple @doc_drd @cemonde @WriteReadTravel
  • @WriteReadTravel Couldnt find the place you mentioned. Are you here tomorrow? Let’s catch up near temple or something. Would be a shame if we don’t meet.
  • Grand lady of the family am staying with chatted up. She said Pushkar is one of the holiest of the places and a place with strong consequences of your deeds. Whatever you do here good or evil you get back paid for 4 times of it.
  • ‘Pushkaram dushkarm darshanm durlabham’ is a line she said, which means, visiting #pushkar is tough, tougher it is to do the holy dip at the sarovar & give offerings at Brahma temple.
  • Going for the 1st program of the day, Kabaddi match local v. Visitors
  • Kabaddi match between locals and foreigners was cool, fun to watch. Went to see Brahma temple but it was too crowded, didn’t dare to enter. Crowd and color is all I can talk about right now. Every now & then we are hearing announcements some or the other kid is lost looking for its family. One kid is sitting at the administration desk since yesterday but no family is yet here to pick it. It’s not just in movies. Children do get lost in such melas.
  • Ok I am at mela ground /stadium near this cluster of people and saadhus under the shades in case anybody wants to find me.
  • I am not a photographer yet every step I take or mile I walk my only motivation is to get a good photo. Taken over 300 so far in Pushkar. I am not a photographer for the lack of a DSLR. I hope you get the drift and the sarcasm.
  • Once back in Delhi am going to break my fixed deposits and get the Nokia D5100. Should have done it before.
  • Am slightly clueless in the evenings at Pushkar. So what does one do now?
  • Am sitting at a roof top cafe tweeting. Bunch of men talking about cameras and tripods behind me. All this traveling alone talk is fine. But I must confess I would just die if I wasn’t connected on FB and Twitter.
  • I came to Pushkar hoping I would meet new people. Didn’t meet many but lost someone, emotionally. You gave me a dent on the heart and some tears pushkar. Goodnight.
  • My third day in #Pushkar woke up at 5 am for the Baloon show. At the stadium now Baloons from over 10 countries are getting ready.
  • The Chaiwala was surprised I bought only 1 cup, assumed the guy standing next to me is with me. I said, “aap se koi ek chai nahi leta hoga, hai na?” He said, haan ek to hota nahi hai, ab ek hai to kya hua, do karlo” Cute!
  • Leaving #Pushkar. I loved this place. Also did some shopping. The only money left is just enough for the bus ticket. Will be back soon with family.
  • Lovely artistic antique style street lights in the streets of Ajmer.
  • @writereadtravel i found out this morning, all the places you mentioned. Wish we could meet. Hope there’s next time.
  • Eid mubarak to all, I guess it would have been a great experience to visit Dargah Ajmer Sharif today but am slightly scared of the crowd. Heard Mr Bachhan is also coming. So am skipping it, after all they don’t need two star at the same place!
  • When these road side dhabas on the highway call out ‘samose garma garam aalo matar ke’ it’s very hard to resist.
  • Song playing at the dhaba ‘akela gaya tha main na aya akela. Mere sang sang aya teri yaadon ka mela.’ This always becomes true for me at the end of all my journey.
  • “Saath waale uncle aap khuch zyada hi phail ke baithe ho. apne ghutne aur koni ko control mein rakheyi” (Thoughts In the Bus)
  • Delhi to Jaipur to Ajmer to Pushkar excellent roads. Smooth like butter next time am driving.
  • There is so much to write. Want to reach home and be on my PC asap. Found content for my novel, blog, course content for students.
  • In Jaipur modern buildings and walls are decorated with traditional pink city style paint & designs. Very pretty.
  • This guy is selling handful of ground nuts for Rs 10, he calls his product the ‘time pass mungfali’
  • Awfully bored at this journey.  Over 6 hours already this bus started from Jaipur, Delhi is still 40 kms away. Goddamn traffic jams all the way
  • Am worried about finding auto and reaching Dwarka from Dhaula Kuan safely at midnight. challenges faced by an SWBT.
  • Found a pre-paid auto from Dhaula Kuan reached safely. Loved Pushkar albeit the slight dent on the heart. It should soon heal anyway

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