Your Feedback

This is a crazy idea, why would any woman want to travel to lesser known places?

What do you have to prove by doing this?

Traveling is fun when you have a company, at least one company. This going alone is nothing but escapism.

If you are in the plains its alright, but if your travel involve trekking then you should have a company, not for anything else but to be there in case you fall sick.

This is a very brave idea, I wish I could do it, but I have a small baby. Someday when I put him in boarding, then I’ll do it. Meanwhile you have fun.

Great concept. Have fun.

Those are some of the reactions I have got from various people. And I appreciate each one of them, whether in favor or against. Both motivates me to do this, the positive ones are sure motivators. The negative ones are too, because I want to try it myself and find out if they are right or not.

So what feedback do you have? Please share your thoughts on the comments section below, or you can also fill this form.

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