My Solo Woman Budget Travel Experiences on TED Fellows Medium

I am happy to share that an article on my SWBT (Solo or Single Woman Budget Traveler) experiences are up on the TED Fellows Medium channel. In the piece I have shared why and how did I think of traveling solo in India, what were my experiences and learning. I have learned that female solo travel in India is not as unsafe as we imagine to be, and more importantly it would continue to remain unsafe until we go out and reclaim the public spaces.

Through the article I call upon my fellow women travelers to go solo once in a while to reclaim public spaces and leave it safer for the next woman to travel. Because the act of women traveling itself is a feminist act, it gets better when they do it solo.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

My story began in 2011, when I met a man and fell for him. A world traveler and nomad, he would often leave the city with just a backpack and remain on the road for months. When he returned, he would tell me of his adventures: how he spent many nights traversing highways with truck drivers, how he lived in a village with no name, how he learned to farm.

Read more here: 

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