Planning a Road Trip to Rajasthan

Towards the end of the year or Jan I am planning a road trip to Rajasthan either by Rajasthan intercity bus service or by my own car. Right now thinking what would be more convenient and self drive or public transport.

The places to see are: (See map)

New Delhi – Ramgarh Shekhawati (Jhunjhunu /Churu/ Manadwa) 264 kms – Bikaner (190kms) – Jaisalmer (331 kms) – Jodhpur 286km – Udaipur 315 kms – Chittorgarh 115 kms – Jaipur 310 kms – New Delhi

Total kilometer if I travel by car would be around 2200 to 2300

Number of Days: 12-13 Days

Budget –

Approximately 7000 for petrol cost + 1000 per day of hotel and food + Misc = 20 to 25k

Besides the above places, there are 3 important national parks / forest reserves in Rajasthan but I want to do them as separate weekend trips. This road trip would be about the forts and palaces of Rajasthan while exploring the relationship between gender and space.

  • Ranthambore National Park – 367 kms
  • Sariska – 200 kms
  • Bharatpur Bird Santuary – 202 kms

Please send your suggestions



  1. Great Itinerary! I also went on a road trip for 4 days around Rajasthan and I would suggest the same to you, coz the roads are perfect for driving. You may check Bundi (close to sawai madhapor), its a non-touristy charming town.

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  2. Hi which hotels did stay in? I’m planning a trip to Rajsthan , 2 girls so i would like to know of some safe budget accommodation. Thanks.


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