Photostories from Yogyakarta: Rifka Annisa

Rifka Annisa Yogyakarta

A relaxation room in Rifka Annisa‘s office. Rifka Annisa is an NGO based in Yogyakarta working on issues of gender based violence. We went there for a field visit to learn and exchange knowledge. In our conversations the word dating violence came quite often. It seems Dating Violence is quite an issue in Indonesia. Young children start having relationship as early as 13-14 and there are a lot of violence on young girls by their dates, who are also non-adults. Sometimes, the perpetrators are as young as 6. It is quite shocking how can a child of 6 years learn to commit violence on another child. Parents of girl child think that the solution to dating violence is marriage as a result there is rampant child marriage.

Counselors of Rifka Annisa try to address issues of masculinity, gender based violence and raise awareness that if there is violence during dating, it is likely to continue so marriage is not the solution. They talk to young boys on becoming better men.

They also run a women’s crisis center and legal and psychological counseling center. Visit Rifka Annisa at

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