Destination Champawat – Almost about to start– from ISBT to Tanakpur

6 pm

I plan to leave tonight by 10 from the Interstate Bus Terminus, Anand Vihar for Tanakpur in Champawat. The distance is about 300 kms should take 5-6 hours to reach.

I have packed the bare essentials for the journey. But I have to go out to buy a few things. First, I’d have to recharge the TATA Photon broad band connection and buy some medicines, woman’s sanitary napkins etc. But as luck would have it the car tyre is flat since 2 days, I never fixed it. And as luck would further have it, my maid didn’t come today. She came every day all this time even though mom dad are away and I barely cooked anything so there weren’t  any dishes, but today when there was so many dishes because I and my cousin had a big feast yesterday , she didn’t come.

So now I have two big errands before leaving, 1) wash the dishes 2) visit the market. If I can manage these two by 8 pm, I should be able to take metro by 8.30 and reach ISBT by 10. But if I can’t then, I’d take the bus tomorrow early morning.

Advantageous of taking a morning bus is that you can see the view as you travel.

Also dad wants me to wait till they are back from their holidays because he is worried about the house and he has also not taken any duplicate keys. I have already made up the mind to leave tonight or tomorrow morning, but am contemplating whether I should listen to him or not.

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