First destination – Champawat

My first destination for this project is Champawat.

Map of Champawat, Uttrakhand
Map of Champawat, Uttrakhand

Champawat is the eastern most district of the State of Uttrakhand which shares border with Nepal. It falls under the Kumaon Mandal. Not much information about it is available on the net. Not much information about the place is available from the net. The only glamour factor about Champawat is that the first chapter of the book ‘Man Eaters of Kumaon‘ by Jim Corbett was about Champawat.
I chose it as my first destination at random. Well not totally random. I wanted to pick up a destination in Uttrakhand. So the first thing I did was to look up the political map. I realized that Champawat and Udham Singh Nagar were the only two places in Uttrakhand about which I have never heard before.

One of my mission rules is to go to lesser known places. So out of the said two lesser known places, I chose Champawat.

After choosing the destination I did my preliminary research via Google and found out some interesting places to visit in Champawat, Tanakpur, Punya Giri, Patal Rudreshwar, Baleshwar Temple, Lohaghat, Pancheswhar and Mount Abott  to name a few.

I hope I am able to find these places when I reach. You’ll hear from me soon on this.

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Map of Uttrakhand


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